I was truly impacted by the CBMC Men’s Conference in Gettysburg in 2011. We often hear that it is about relationships. That is so true. God connected me with new and longtime friends at the conference. Maybe more impactful, I was able to observe the vision of CBMC actively engaged through men in the marketplace. There is nothing more impactful than seeing a group of men sold out for the Lord and who are willing to follow Jesus in the marketplace.

David Balinski, Enola, PA

I have attended eight CBMC Men’s Conference in the mid-Atlantic region and have been blessed by them all. Cary, North Carolina brought my spiritual level up several notches with the teaching of Ken Boa and the unbelievable fellowship with fellow Fredericksburg, VA men to whom I had just started to build a relationship. One man was unable to attend so the men called him and included him in the fellowship, prayer, and signing via a telecom. This is true family among men! The conferences in Atlanta, Fredericksburg, and Gettysburg were awesome. Getting to meet men from all over and hear their hearts about desiring to minister in the marketplace and to disciple men was energizing and encouraging. Being the first group to have communion on the Gettysburg Battlefield was very memorable. Hearing the adventures of the Black Hawk helicopter pilots and principles of living Godly living was life changing. I recommend attending for every man involved in CBMC at any level. You will be blessed!!

Stephen M Goss, Fredericksburg, VA

I can remember attending my first CBMC conference in Gettysburg now almost 10 years ago in 2011. I was still relatively new to the CBMC movement and was completely blown away by the organization and professionalism of the event. It was so well planned and thoroughly engaging from beginning to end. I could definitely feel the power of the Lord’s almighty presence coursing thru the impactful speakers, the music, the breakout sessions, the displays and even the connecting meal sessions. I would definitely recommend this CBMC conference as one you need to attend, regardless of whether you are fully engaged in the CBMC, or, just heard about the organization.

Peter Ostrowski, Ocean City, MD